Our Hemp

Hemp Flower Naturals products are superior because we use the best certified genetics. Anyone can extract nutrients from plant materials and sell them as a viable tincture with therapeutic benefits, but we have gone the extra mile to ensure our whole flower cannabis oil has the best genetics.

We are a premiere Cannabis Oil provider because we use the “whole flower”, instead of the stem and leaves. We use at least 90% Flower and 10% Trim. Trim is known to have about half the cannabinoid content as the cannabis flowers. Most companies use Hemp Seeds and or Trim to make their oil.

Our Hemp is grown in compliance with the Federal Farm Bill of 2014 under state-run agricultural research programs. We engage in the sourcing of Conscious Sustainable Agriculture. This means our hemp is non-GMO & organically grown in America from the best regions and farms. We support small farmers that have higher quality control and more experienced growers. This makes it possible for us to source therapeutic grade hemp for our ethical supply chain.

All Hemp is grown free of mold, heavy metals, microbials, herbicides, pesticides and extracted using NO detrimental solvents. We publish all test data right here on our website.